In 2007 Adfingo was probably the first fully commercial unmanned aircraft operator in the UK (now called Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems or RPAS) and was heavily involved in the development of RPAS standards, working with Working Groups 73 and 93 of the European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE), the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Panel of the International Civil Aviation Organization, The Royal Aeronautical Society and with Working Group F38 of the USA-based organization ASTM.  Adfingo’s core purpose is the delivery of business and environmental benefit through innovation and the exploitation of technology and new media, including research, development and operations.  Main activities include:

  • Media production (photography, video, web/internet/intranet).
  • Unmanned aircraft operations including aerial photography for a range of applications including precision agriculture, conservation, asset management and environmental monitoring
  • Unmanned systems research, standards development and consultancy.
  • Coroporate Governance consultancy
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