Corporate Governance

While there is a huge body of knowledge and best practice focused on regular for-profit business leadership, governance and strategy management, much less is available for the rapidly expanding sector of public and private sector not-for-profits (NFPs).  Adfingo has extensive experience of management practice in both private and public sector NFPs and the Principal Consultant has held senior leadership positions in both.  Adfingo has developed a set of principles, guidelines and tools specifically designed to facilitate sound governance and successful leadership of NFPs.

Not-For-Profit organizations (NFPs) exist in both the public and private sectors and they are substantially different from regular for-profit businesses.  In the public sector, NFPs are typically government organizations or those connected with goverment at some level.  They have employees, but their motivation, ethical standards, procedures and processes are different from those of the for-profit sector.  Increasingly, public sector NFPs are having relationships with private sector NFPs, especially in the areas of social welfare and  minority and healthcare interests. Private sector NFPs commonly rely heavily on volunteer support, making them even more different from for-profit organizations.

Adfingo‘s offerings are based mainly on UK and US cultures and practices, but many of the principles, guidelines and tools can be adapted to meet the requirements of organizations of many types anywhere around the world.  Adfingo‘s experience includes both international and multinational organizations.  Adfingo has added value  in four main areas: governance consultancy, organizational change management, leadership coaching and strategy management.  Adfingo‘s rates in this area are designed to cater for both smaller organizations and the special nature of NFPs.

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